Flooring: Why Vinyl Is Suitable For All Households

27 February 2017
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Vinyl flooring has increasingly become one of the go-to materials for homeowners that are looking to install new flooring. It should be noted that this type of flooring has been available in the market for a significant number of years. Nonetheless, it is only in the recent past that technological advancements have made it both functional as well as appealing to suit an array of decor choices. So why is vinyl flooring suitable for all households?

Vinyl flooring has a long lifespan

A top benefit of vinyl as a flooring material is that it is one of the most durable options that you could consider. However, you should ensure that the vinyl is installed correctly by experienced professionals. This will ensure that the vinyl is secured in place and will not start to blister due to water permeating its underside at the edges where the vinyl meets the wall. Secondly, vinyl is highly wear-resistant. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas as well as households that have numerous inhabitants.

Vinyl flooring comes in an assortment of designs

If you like having the flexibility to choose from different designs and profiles, then vinyl would be an ideal choice. Typically, vinyl comes in two main profiles. The first is sheet vinyl, which is applied as a uniform layer on the floor. The second is tile vinyl, which comes in two different options. Luxury tile vinyl is designed to mimic premium materials. Hence, luxury tile vinyl affords you the freedom to choose designs such as marble, natural stone and more, without having to pay a premium price for this design. The second option is the regular tile vinyl, which comes in an assortment of textures and colours. It may not look similar to premium flooring materials, but it does give you the chance to experiment with colour and texture while providing you with slip resistance. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can use vinyl flooring all over your home, without having to stick to one design.

Vinyl flooring is simple to clean

Undoubtedly, floors are one of the areas of your home that will get dirty on a regular basis. If you opt for flooring materials that are porous, you will have stay on toes to ensure that the flooring does not become stained prematurely. A benefit of vinyl is that it is impervious. Therefore, spills will not pose the risk of changing the appearance of your flooring. In addition, the impervious nature of the flooring ensures it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.