Why Choose Composite Timber for Your Deck?

4 December 2018
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Constructing a deck on your property is a great way to create additional living space outdoors. Moreover, the deck can also add value to your home in the event that you would like to put it back on the real estate market. Typically, people gravitate toward natural timber when building their deck as they assume this is the material that would integrate best with the outdoors. Despite timber giving you a visually appealing deck, it is not one of the most durable options that you could consider. Read More 

How to Choose Your Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

23 August 2018
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The kind of tiles you choose for your kitchen or bathroom is of utmost importance because these rooms are subjected to heavy traffic, water usage and dirt/grime. What's more, different areas of both rooms will require different treatment, and yet all these must come together without clashing. This article highlights the different aspects you should consider when tiling these two rooms. Read on to learn more. The bathroom If you've just finished your bathroom construction or remodel, determine where the focal point lies. Read More