4 Bathroom Renovations That Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat

15 June 2016
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If you have ever been to a spa, you know how relaxing it is and how wonderful you feel afterward. What if you felt that way every time you took a bath or shower? It is possible with just a few bathroom renovations. Here are some ways to remodel your bathroom to turn it into a spa retreat right at home.

Combine Different Textures

A great way to have a spa bathroom is to combine different textures, just like they do in day spas. For example, instead of having the same type of colour or tile throughout your bathroom, consider combining the rougher texture of rustic stone flooring with the white, smooth texture of vinyl tiles on the walls or sleek and modern vanity in the bathroom. This contrast is both beautiful and functional, while offering a relaxing environment for your bathroom.

Add More Natural Wood Accents

Wood accents can really transform a basic bathroom into a spa experience. If you have been to a day spa, you know wood flooring is common in treatment rooms. This adds a natural look among all the white, blue and green for a relaxing feel. While wood flooring is often not used in bathrooms since it can warp or rot, you can get treated wood, such as engineered timber. This is made with chemicals to help avoid the normal risks of using wood in a bathroom. Another option is to use open wood shelving on the walls of the bathroom in place of a traditional storage cabinet.

Install a Soaking Bathtub

If you have a bigger budget for your bathroom renovations, consider having a new bathtub installed. Instead of a bathtub and shower combination, install the bathtub separate. Either go with a deep soaking tub that is perfect for baths, or get a bathtub with massage jets. Both of these options really transform your bathroom into something you want to use for relaxation. If you have room in your bathroom, such as if you are remodeling a master bathroom, you can install the shower separately for convenience.

Get Dimming Bathroom Lights

The harsh fluorescent lighting that most bathrooms have is not conducive to a relaxing environment. Consider hiring an electrician that can install dimming bathroom lights. When you are applying makeup or using the restroom, you can still have the lights on high, but then dim them when you are trying to relax in your new bathtub. Many spas have dimmed lights for a soothing experience, so this is a great feature to have in your new bathroom.