Low Cost Flooring | 4 Considerations When Comparing Between Laminate And Vinyl For Your Floors

7 June 2016
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Vinyl and laminate floors are some of the most economical options available while offering an opportunity to simulate the looks of flooring like natural stone and hardwood. If you've decided to choose one of these flooring choices for your home, you will need to consider certain factors when comparing between them.

Underfoot Comfort

Laminate's composition is relatively thick and layered, so it feels warm underfoot. Vinyl is slightly thinner, so it may not deliver the same extent of underfoot warmth. But vinyl's softness is more comfortable than hard surfaces like stone or ceramic tiles. This yielding feature can sometimes make it more prone to scratches and cracks. When it comes to underfoot comfort, laminate wins because of its warm and appealing feel.


If you like the look of natural stone or hardwood, then laminate and vinyl are both good choices because they feature a range of appearances that can easily appeal to your taste buds. Laminate and vinyl's computer-generated finishes can convincingly reproduce wood grain or textured stone specks, allowing you to easily find something that you desire. When it comes to appearance, there isn't much to separate the two. But laminate flooring features a compellingly replicative appearance that may still win in overall aesthetics. Ultimately, this choice boils down to personal taste and other factors.


Both vinyl and laminate are ideal options when it comes to choosing durable flooring, but vinyl has been known to hold up better in high-traffic and moisture-laden rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, while laminate flooring is well suited to areas like bedrooms, studies and living rooms. Vinyl flooring is known to be both water resistant and waterproof. Laminate is also known for water resistance, but perhaps not to the same degree. You can choose between laminate and vinyl flooring based on the specific room in your home.


Vinyl floors start from $25 per square metre for budget floors, while higher quality vinyl planks start from $55 to $90 per square metre ­­­­–– making vinyl one of the most economical choices available. Similarly, laminate flooring costs $25 per square metre for supply and $55 per square metre when laid. This means that there isn't much to separate between the two flooring choices from a price perspective. Ultimately, the decision will boil down to your personal taste and budget for both supply and installation if you leave it to professional flooring experts.

Laminate and vinyl are both excellent low-cost flooring choices, so consider these vital factors when making a decision between the two.