Beautiful Spaces: Aesthetic And Performance Innovations In Floors

Some Quick Tips for Protecting a Timber Deck

13 May

A timber deck can be a great addition to any home’s exterior, and last for many years before it needs to be replaced. However, the way you treat your timber deck will affect its overall longevity and how well it holds up over time, and if a board will need replacing sooner rather than later. […]

A Guide to Correcting Scratches in Limestone Floors

12 May

Limestone is the perfect choice of flooring for many rooms in the house. It’s durable, it’s relatively cheap, it’s mould resistant, and it’s easy to clean as well. For many people, limestone ticks all the boxes – that is until scratches suddenly start to appear on the limestone. This is bound to occur sooner or […]

DIY Floor Sanding Tips

05 May

Hardwood floors can help create a unique panache and an inviting feeling in your home. Unfortunately, your hardwood floor may lose its lustre over time as it’s subjected to constant traffic or use. The good news is that you can restore the look of your hardwood floors, and one of the most effective ways of […]

Carpeting Solutions for Seniors with Mobility Issues

26 Apr

Senior citizens who suffer from mobility problems are often able to continue living in their own homes, but there are a number of changes that should be made to those homes in order to keep them safe. One of the best things to do is replace any hard, slippery flooring materials, such as wood or […]